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Behind the Changing Face of Vancouver’s Chinatown  (The Globe and Mail)
Why the Demise of Field Trips is Bad News (The Atlantic)
Trouble on Main Street shows how Vancouver race riots launched the political career of Mackenzie King (The Georgia Straight)
Chinese Historic Places Recognition Project (Heritage BC)
nə́c̓aʔmat Strathcona library and housing complex construction starts (CBC)
No Chinese, Asiatics or Negroes: racist rules of Vancouver pioneer revealed (SCMP)
Chinatown residents seek moratorium on condo development (The Globe and Mail)
Vancouver prepares plan to renew ailing Chinatown  (Vancouver Courier)
Remembering Vancouver’s First Race Riot  (The Tyee)
How Chinese Migrants Changed Their Fate  (Toronto Star)
From C to C: Chinese Canadian Stories of Migration (SFU)
Mike Harcourt weighs in on delicate issues behind PiDGiN protests  (The Globe and Mail)
Why Chinatown Needs to Grow Taller  (The Tyee)
Community leader and Chinatown heritage advocate receives Civic Merit Award  (City of Vancouver)
‘A Drop in the Bucket’: Housing for Chinese Speaking Seniors  (The Tyee)
Ching Ming respect for the dead … and Louis Vuitton  (SCMP)
Canada’s First Chinese Print Shop Still Operating on East Georgia  (Vancouver Sun)
‘Formal Apology’ to BC’s Chinese community questioned  (CBC)
State of the Arts: Asian lit festival gets graphic  (Vancouver Courier)
A Brief Chronology of Chinese Canadian History (SFU)
Chinese Canadian Stories (UBC)
Historical Chinese Language Materials in British Columbia (UBC)
Chinese Restaurants (Cheuk Kwan)
A Neon Eulogy to Vancouver’s Vintage Cafes and Theatres (Keith McKellar)
Chinese Immigration to Canada: A Tale of Perseverance (CBC)
The Chung Collection (UBC)
Chinese Canadian Genealogy (VPL)
The Ties that Bind (MHSO)
John A. Macdonald’s Aryan Canada: Aboriginal Genocide and Chinese Exclusion (Active History)
Chinese Canadian Women, 1923-1967 (MHSO)
1887 Race Riot
1907 Race Riot (The Georgia Straight)
Qingming Festival (Wikipedia)
Helen Dreams of Dumplings
For the Love of Chinatown

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