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Dine Out Vancouver Experience (Jan 20 – Feb 05, 2023)Walking Tours & Field TripsProfessional Development DaysChinatown Walk, Historic Talk, & Dim SumGrave Sweeping DayChinese New Year ParadeMasterclass DumplingsDumpling Parties

We will learn how to make authentic Chinese dumplings with Judy, from Historical Chinatown Tours.

First, Judy will give you a 1-hr sneak peek of the Chinatown neighborhood, and she will show you a few stores where you can buy ingredients for Cantonese home-style cooking. Next is the dumpling lesson where you will spend 2 hrs learning how to prep, make, cook, and eat dumplings.

If you are interested in booking, please e-mail Judy at for further details.

My tours are offered year-round and I customize tours to what people want: you pick the date, time of day, and length of time (1-2 hrs).

I take people into numerous clan and county association buildings, to an herbal store, a Chinese produce store, etc.

I’m the only guide who can take people into the heritage buildings, the only one that has a Master’s degree in Chinese Canadian History, and I donate to the Chinese associations for upkeep and renovations.

Tours vary in length and price depending on whether it’s a regular tour, a school field trip, a themed tour or cooking experience, an outing for elders, etc. Please e-mail the tour operator at for further details.

Teacher tours are all about how the Chinatown experience can be brought into the classroom, and how teachers can re-visit with students for an experiential Field Trip. I provide teachers with a wonderful resource package: information about the National Historic Site, a map detailing Chinatown, images, information about the heritage buildings, newspaper articles, links; information about Chinese history in British Columbia, Canada, and around the world, etc.

Pro-D Day tours are $75/person for 2.5 hours. I will provide you with an e-receipt for reimbursement from your school. Please e-mail the tour operator at for further details.

We will have a traditional Cantonese dim sum lunch, learn about Chinese culture through food, explore the neighbourhood businesses and heritage buildings, and discuss Chinatown histories.

(The food scene is very eclectic and hip in Chinatown.)

Judy has her FOODSAFE Levels 1 & 2, she has taken knife sharpening lessons through AI & OM Knives and she is a member of the Vancouver International Wine & Food Society and the Chaîne des Rôtisseurs.

Tours are $125/person for 3 hours. Please e-mail the tour operator at for further details.

Ching Ming (Cantonese) or Qingming (Mandarin) is also known as the Clear Brightness Festival, the Festival for Tending Graves, Grave Sweeping Day and Tomb Sweeping Day. According to Chinese traditional customs, people must visit the graves of ancestors, relatives or close friends during the Festival, which is on the 104th day after the Winter Solstice (typically in early April according to the Western calendar). The festival marks the middle of Spring and, above all, it is a sacred day of the dead. The special occasion — which dates back over one thousand years — celebrates the rebirth of nature. Whatever name is given to the day, it is a time to remember and honour one’s ancestors.

Join me at the cemetery in early April to learn how the commemoration is conducted and join me for a feast afterwards with one of the clan associations. Please e-mail the tour operator at for further details.

The Chinese New Year Parade celebrates the new year of the Chinese lunar calendar and is a festive event for everyone to enjoy. As one of the three largest non-commercial annual parades in Vancouver, and one of the largest Chinese New Year Parades in North America, this parade features the largest assembly of traditional lion dance teams in Canada with dozens of colourful and energetic lions from various local, fraternal, and martial arts organizations. The parade will feature some seventy entries, bringing over 3,000 participants from various community and cultural groups. The multicultural dance troupes represent the diverse segments of our Canadian cultural heritage, such as the Chinese Canadian Veterans, the Vancouver Police Department Motorcycle Drill Team, marching bands, and various community groups. This parade draws over 100,000 spectators each year.

If you are interested in seeing the 50th Chinese New Year Parade (Sunday, Jan 22, 2023) from the balcony of one of the heritage buildings in Chinatown, please e-mail the tour operator at for further details.

Masterclass Dumplings by Chinatowngirl
Learn how to make authentic Chinese dumplings …

For in-person or virtual lessons, please contact Judy or click on “Book Now” Button.

Host a dumpling party and be the talk of the town! Judy could come over to your home or business and make dumplings for your crew of friends, for business colleagues, a staff party, etc. Judy will consult with you about ingredients and pricing. For further details, Please e-mail Judy at

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