A new generation defends Vancouver’s Chinatown traditions

By Joanne Lee-Young, Vancouver Sun December 29, 2015

Opposition keeps growing to a proposal for a 13-storey condo building

Doris Chow (left) and her sister June Chow co-founded the Youth Collaborative for Chinatown and have been holding monthly mah-jong social events that bring together senior citizens with hipsters over the poker-like game. Photograph by: Jason Payne, VANCOUVER SUN

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In Vancouver’s Changing Chinatown, Youth Join Gentrification Debate

By Tyee staff, 29 Dec 2015

The story of Vancouver’s changing Chinatown is a familiar one, as low-cost housing and grocers are replaced by high-end condos and cafés. Over the years, The Tyee has spotlighted the plight of Chinese seniors who can no longer afford to live in the heritage neighbourhood.

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City council to vote on spending $3.6 million to help restore Chinatown heritage buildings

by Charlie Smith on December 9th, 2015

A Vancouver city staff report has raised an urgent alarm over the future of 12 heritage buildings in Chinatown. Each is more than 100 years old and each is owned by a historic Chinatown society. And according to the report, these societies cannot finance their restoration.

Twelve historic Chinatown buildings could fall into irreparable condition without a civic program to rehabilitate them. Photo by KYLE LAWRENCE

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The demise of Chinatown’s BBQ meat shops


They survived an attack by Vancouver city hall in the ’70s but can’t beat development

Lee Loy, which has sold barbecue meats in Chinatown for more than 20 years, will close next month because the building has been sold to Wall Financial Corp. Photograph by: Arlen Redekop , Vancouver Sun

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