Judy Lam Maxwell specializes in the history of the Chinese in Canada, Chinatowns around the world, and Chinese Transnational Migration.  She completed an M.A. in History from the University of British Columbia, and a Certificate through the Centre for the Study of Historical Consciousness at UBC’s Faculty of Education. She is currently a board member of numerous organizations in Vancouver’s Chinatown: the Vancouver Chinatown Revitalization Committee, the Chinatown Society Heritage Buildings Association, and the Chinatown National Historic Site Committee. She is also on the board of the BC Historical Federation, the Chinese American Forum, and a past board member of the Organization of Chinese Americans. Judy enjoys teaching, research and writing, and being a Chinatown educator through her Historical Chinatown Tours.

If you’re interested in booking a tour or if you have any questions, Judy can be reached at      E:  judy@chinatowngirl.ca            T:  1.604.418.8560